Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetics with Home Additions in the GTA

An extension is a great way to make the most of your property’s usable area. An expansion can result in an extra room, allowing for more space for family and friends to visit or to accommodate a new bundle of joy as well as a rise in home value. Whatever your reasons for home additions are, it is important to g. advice from a trusted contractor.. have numerous years experience adding garages and second-storeys to residences. The Home Upgraders WU. collaborate with you to develop a design that fulfils your requirements while staying within your budget.. use high-quality materials and execute the job meticulously.

What distinguishes us from the competition is that we tailor our services to your individual requirements. Property additions are always unique and fully dependent on the needs of the customer. To give your home personalized upgrades, we take your demands and budget into account. Contact us if you need our home addition services for your GTA property.

What We Can Do

Whatever your plans for home additions might be, we will help you achieve them. We have expertise in addition of:
  • Second-stories
  • Elec-Picatsystems and Lighting
  • Pump-outs/home ertensions
  • Plumbing and drainsĀ 
  • Garages
  • Windows and doors
  • Dormers

We can also remove load-bearing walls create open-concept kitchens and living rooms making your home appear more spacious.

Contact us to book our services today.

Add Space and Functionality to Your Home

If you need help understanding the ins and outs of home additions, reach out to us today to speak to our team.